What a busy time we had outside with EYFS Park!

As soon as the children were ready we practised 1,2,3 where are you? The noisier the children respond to me the better – they enjoyed using their big voices!

Finally, we were off! We explored the grounds and paid a visit to our pond. We talked about what might live in it and what might like to gobble up the frogs! Look out for the crocodiles!

After a chat about our Forest School Rules the children created a picture of themselves using natural materials, explored, played in the den, made bird feeders, mud painted and really enjoyed making mud pies! Some children also helped to plant some bulbs which were kindly donated to us by Lytham in Bloom! They’ll add a nice splash of colour next spring.

We did stop to watch hundreds of geese in the sky. The children were quick to tell me where they were going and why! 👍

Well done super stars! 🌟



Year 5 Park

It was lovely to be back outside with the children again today!

However, with the recent storms – our Forest School area needed a good tidy up! We had piles of wood chippings and branches to move, Bird feeders to fill and the tippy tap needed fixing! Luckily Year 5 were ready and willing!

We did stop for a hot drink and an apple freshly picked from the tree though!

A few weeks ago, the other group planted seeds from trees. They looked for the right location to make sure it wasn’t too close to any others first. Our Forest School area is developing nicely! Then they created maps of our school site using natural materials and hid objects for their friends to find using their map as a treasure map!

Well done everyone! 😀