As soon as the children were wrapped up ready to go, we headed straight to the field to play a game – ‘I am the wind.’ Even though the sun was shining there was a nip in the air so running around helped us to warm up!

After that, the children were raring to go! They all decorated a pine cone for their Christmas tree, everyone planted a tree, there was lots of mark making with charcoal from the fire pit, balancing, throwing, music and cooking in the mud kitchen!

Finally, we had a hot chocolate and a biscuit as a Christmas treat and the children sang some of their Christmas songs!

Year 1 Hall

It was such a treat having Year 1 Hall outside this week! The sun was shining brightly and so were the children!

We never stopped! We looked at the frost crystals on leaves, made bird feeders to help the birds through the winter months and the children used a bow saw to create a Santa!

After a while we stopped for a hot drink and a snack then went off to explore some more … The children loved the dog logs (and have requested to make them next time!), they also enjoyed the mud kitchen, mark making with charcoal from the fire pit and collecting wildflower seeds!

They also enjoyed a story about a lost robin and we finally finished off with a team game! Super stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Year 4 Park

After checking the weather forecast when I woke up, I was worried I may have to cancel! But luckily, the high winds didn’t materialise!

As the whole class were coming out today we split the class into 3 groups, Miss. Singleton supervised the Vikings and Saxon role play , Mrs. Wheeler supervised the basket weaving and I supervised and witnessed superb teamwork as the children created a willow wall. The children also played some throwing games and used Runes to decorate a wooden cookie!

During our busy morning we made sure we found time for a hot drink and a snack. 😀




As this was EYFS Hall’s final session before Christmas we decided to decorate a pine cone with glitter for the children to hang on their Christmas tree. We looked at the pine cones and talked about where they came from and what they felt like.

The children also had fun in the puddles and enjoyed rolling down our wood chip pile! The log dogs proved popular again and the children loved digging when we planted more trees!

After all that hard work and as a Christmas treat, we all enjoyed a hot chocolate and a biscuit before we jumped in the puddles again!


Year 6 Hall and Park

Year 6 have been enjoying their ‘survival’ topic in class!

We discussed what 3 things you would take with you if you were dropped on a desert island! Most children opted for a fire steel, a knife and an axe. But we had other suggestions like a friend, food, a waterproof tarpaulin and  a phone.

We talked about what would be the first thing they would do and they decided on building a shelter and lighting a fire. So that’s exactly what we did.

After the children cooked a snack on the fire, they all planted a tree. After all, we need trees to survive too!


What a glorious couple of afternoons we had with EYFS Park!

We started off with a warm up game, remembered our Forest School rules and then went off to find different coloured Autumn leaves ready to make our Autumn crowns with Mrs. Shaw.

The children never stopped! Some children were eager to go in the mud kitchen, others played in the den, some went off sailing and others walked our log dogs and Ryan even took a poo bag! Listening to their conversations is always a high light!

We even had time to plant some trees! Without being prompted, the children compared the sizes of their trees using mathematical language and even pointed out how deep the hole needed to be to fit the roots in! ” It needs to be deeper!” said Natalie.  I was so impressed!

We finished off having some fun with leaves and a game of hide and seek!



Year 4 Hall

Year 4 Hall had a fun Viking themed Forest School Session today!

Everyone fully participated in all the activities! The children managed to wattle a wall, they weaved baskets, played Viking throwing games, used Runes to decorate a wooden cookie and had fun chanting and making shield walls. They soon found out they were stronger as a team when they tried to overpower Mr.Wells with their combined strength!

After a hot drink and a snack we all enjoyed a running game! Phew!

What an enjoyable morning! 😀





Year 5 Hall

It was Year 5 Hall’s turn to come outside for some Forest School fun!

They made all kinds of bird feeders, nature themed clay tiles and enjoyed a hot chocolate with a toasted marshmallow around the campfire.

With a few frozen toes around we decided to finish off with a running game!

Unfortunately, because I stayed by the fire I haven’t got many photographs. However, have a look on the class blog. You’ll be sure to find some more there! 🙂


What a lovely welcome I had in EYFS, there were lots of little happy faces waiting for me!

After we swapped a few wellies onto the right feet, we were off! 😀

We looked at the pictures of our Forest School rules and the children came up with some super explanations! Then we practised 1,2,3 where are you? This is what I shout when I need the children’s attention. They responded brilliantly!

Then the children went off to collect some autumn leaves so they could make a crown. One of the children found a spider which sparked a conversation on why we look after our minibeasts.

As well as making their crowns, the children never stopped! From cooking up a treat the mud kitchen, mud painting, making music, going on a colour hunt and collecting wildflower seeds….

After a drink and a story, the children asked for a game of hide and seek. Hopefully their hiding skills will improve in time! 👍