Year 1 Park

Another wonderful couple of mornings with our Year 1s!

All the children used a bow saw safely to make a Santa, they all helped to feed the birds through the winter months and really enjoyed their free time!

We stopped for a hot drink, snack and a Christmas singsong, but the children couldn’t wait to continue!

We finished off playing with leaves, we even found a couple of leaf monsters! Then the children requested a game of hide and seek! If only they could resist peeking when they are hiding! 😀


Year 6 Hall

The final survival group from Year 6 had such a busy morning!

There were lots of different shelters created and some that didn’t last the morning! After one collapsed, the children were quick to put it up again but didn’t alter anything, hence … it collapsed again! They soon realised their mistake!

Afterwards, everyone toasted a bread twist, planted a tree and had some time to play!