Finally! The high winds calmed down on Wednesday afternoon. After checking the site I was happy to get the children outside!

We began with a quick warm up game as it was rather chilly! After a good run around, we saw something unusual on a tree! It was a clue to follow. We followed the clues which finally led us to a lion hiding in a tree by our mud kitchen!

Then we decided to make a hideout so we could watch the lions without being seen. After talking about safe ways to transport sticks we were off. I saw some super teamwork and problem solving!

After some free play, we had a hot drink and a well deserved snack! Brrrr!


Year 2

The high winds got the better of us this week but luckily we still enjoyed our Forest School session indoors! After all, safety is paramount!

We enjoyed looking at the story ‘Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and a Really Big Adventure.’ We discussed the characters and throughout it, the children tried to predict what would happen next!

Then we set about creating the dragon from the story using clay and natural materials, the results were amazing!

Year 4 Hall

What a glorious morning we had with the first group from Year 4 Hall! The wet weather only added to our fun!

As Year 4 are studying river systems we talked about the water cycle and how it works. The children were well informed and explained it to me in great detail.

All the children made a ‘mini water cycle’ in a zip lock bag, they all created a model of the water cycle using natural materials and they all had a go at fire lighting. They were surprised at how difficult it was to light the cotton wool! Most children needed a little help to use the fire steel but they enjoyed the challenge. We only had a couple of children that managed to light their cotton wool independently. We’ll have another go in their next session.

The children were an absolute pleasure to have outside today, they helped each other, encouraged each other and congratulated each other on their achievements! Simply brilliantl! 👍